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2D/3D Services

Final Form Studio provide a wide range of 2D and 3D modeling services including creation of high polygon realistic models for presentations, catalogs, gaming assets… Our skilled 3D artists can produce photorealistic 3D models to illustrate almost any object or process with breathtaking graphics giving a real-world feel.

PC and Mobile Platforms

Planning to make a video game on a device ? One of our strongest skills is to optimize 3D game assets for PC or mobile platforms and the main goal is to deliver those assets with a great balance between polycount and texture size so that your game will be compatible with low and high end devices.


Most of time, our clients come with great ideas for their products or games and by understanding their needs its up to us to bring their ideas up to life. Even if you already have a sketch or purchased a 3d model and want to improve it, just let us hear your ideas and we will create them for you and optimize for your needs


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