Technical details

  • Polycount : ~ 10.600 tris
  • Maps : Only albedo (.png format)
  • Overalped UVs – good result even at low rezolution
  • Textures rezolution : 2048 x 2048
  • The gauges are functional and have a 1024 x 1024 texture. You need to set them up according to your script
  • The images were rendered in unity 2018.4 HDRP
  • The .unitypackage is delivered with standard material which can be updated to the one you are using for your project
  •  The mirrors are using a render to texture material and the cameras are set up , but you can modify the view angle if you wish
  • The model is sold in different formats , such as : .max, .fbx, .obj, .unitypackage
  • Scene not included

Important :

Please place your truck exterior on a different layer so that you can exclude if from the interior camera. This way, you will achieve the same result as in the showed images. And of course, you also need to place the interior on a different layer that you will exclude form the exterior camera

Truck Interior Setup


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