This is the 15th car of a collection of 23 classic vehicle made in 2016. This asset is a low poly model, using a single texture. There are also emissive meshes which can be used or easily removed if not needed. Those are also using the same atlas and if you are using only unity , you go to the prefab editor and remove the unwanted parts.

For the headlights and tailight, the light is coming from a spotlight, which is also present in .unitypackage file but is missing from the other format because each render engine is different. So, to add some light in the front and the back of the vehicle, be sure to place a spotlight

Technical details

  • Polycount  : 7828
  • Wheels polycount (per wheel) :

– set a : 376 polygons

– set b : 376 polygons

– set c : 322 polygons

– set d : 320 polygons

– set e : 372 polygons

  • Maps : Only one albedo / diffuse (.png format)
  • Overlapped UVs – good result even at low rezolution
  • Textures rezolution : 2048 x 2048
  • The body color can be changed without creating extra maps. Workflow depends on the engine / software
  • The also contains 5 different wheels , which share the same atlas
  • The studio images were rendered using Marmoset Toolbag and the cliff scene day/night were rendered using Unity 2019.4 URP . In both cases we used only standard & simple materials
  • The .unitypackage is delivered with standard material which can be updated to the one you are using for your project
  • The model is sold in different formats , such as : .max, .fbx, .obj, .unitypackage
  • Scene not included , but you can downloaded from our store

More info :

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