When ?

Everything started back in 2008 after I moved to France. At that time I had plenty of time to think about what I want to do and since I played lots of videos games, one day I wondered about the creation process. After several searches on the web I knew exactly that this is what I would like to do. 

I started to learn about 3D modeling and in my opinion, you can learn alot when you are teaching others, so the next step was the creation of tutorial-z.com. On that website I wrote tutorials about different modelling techniques, unwrapping & rendering . It was pretty popular between 2010 and 2012 , with over 100k unique visits every month. I saved everthing that I considered worthy and published them HERE. Feel free to check them but don’t judge too hard , I was still a beginner at that time 🙂 

How everything changed ?

I always loved technical stuff, such as creating blueprints or similar drawing so before going to high school (still in France) i did an internship at an architecture studio to see if I would enjoy doing that stuff. There was a lady , one of the kindest I ever met who didn’t knew that I was able to model and he gave me a simple task : to create the blueprint of her studio . It was a small studio , composed by 2 rooms. I created the blueprint, a simple 2D drawing and a 3D representation of it but redesigned. She was really impressed since she never created 3D renderings. At the end of my internship period she paid me a small amount, even if she didn’t had to do it and I didn’t expected that , that was the spark that lighted the fire. I realized that I can earn some money by doing what I like. After that I registered as a Freelancer and started to colaborate with different architects from that city (Dijon)

Final Form Studio

Final Form Studio was created in 2016, after I moved back to my home country, which is Romania. Its not perfect but I feel like home here. Before moving to Romania I was contacted and worked for different companies from mobile video games industry and I decided that I should return home and create my own studio and since then, everything went pretty straight forward and during this time I acquired more skills and polished the existing ones. 

Below are the services that I can provide and feel free to drop me a message if you think that I am suitable for your project or simply what to chat 🙂 

2D/3D Services

Final Form Studio provide a wide range of 2D and 3D modeling services including creation of high polygon realistic models for presentations, catalogs, gaming assets… Using my skills that I acquired during my years of freelance, I can produce photorealistic 3D models to illustrate almost any object or process with breathtaking graphics giving a real-world feel.

PC and Mobile Platforms

Planning to make a video game on a device ? One of our strongest skills is to optimize 3D game assets for PC or mobile platforms and the main goal is to deliver those assets with a great balance between polycount and texture size so that your game will be compatible with low and high end devices.


Most of time, people come with great ideas for their products or games and by understanding their needs its up to us to bring their ideas to life. Even if you already have a sketch or purchased a 3d model and want to improve it, just let me know about it and we will create it and optimize it for your needs

See me in action 🙂